Community Update - March 2018

As one of our goals for is to build and grow a vibrant ecosystem, we’d like to share with you the latest news in our community. We're planning on doing this monthly - so don't hesitate to share with us your news, updates and achievements!


Member Update

Our scale-up community is growing – now with 43 members! - Member Map - March 2018.png

The three most active domains in our community are: FinTech (30%), DataTech (23%) and MarTech (19%).

39 of our member companies focus on a B2B market.

40% of our members have an employee headcount above 50.

We are curious to see how these numbers will transform as you realize your growth & expand our community!


Big welcome to MCS - a technology firm focused on integrated software solutions in real estate, facility and workplace management for large private or public organizations.

VC Update

Our VC network is expanding. We are proud to have the support of the following VCs who are attending SuperNova and co-curating the final selection of the 55 European pitching scale-ups:

Calling all scale-ups. Are you interested in showcasing your company & vision at the SuperNova Investor Pitching track?
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Community Meetup

Left to right: Matthias Vandepitte (Fortino), Bart Luyten (Smartfin Capital) and Frank Maene (Volta Ventures)

Left to right: Matthias Vandepitte (Fortino), Bart Luyten (Smartfin Capital) and Frank Maene (Volta Ventures)

On Tuesday March 27th, organized its first meetup of the year in the Ampla House in Ghent.

The panel discussion focused on “The Perfect Pitch for Series A and B Funding” and three of our VC partners enlightened the crowd with fresh & useful insights on how to score capital financing.

Here are our most important lessons learned:

When a company is ready to start the fundraising process, take time reduction into account. Matthias Vandepitte says, “Don’t waste your time on having too many meetings and attending a lot of conferences. You need to be focused and only go out when your data is ready”

VCs are only spending time on companies that they are truly interested in. It is important for a company looking for funding to have a good understanding of the industry, as well as strong knowledge of hard facts and KPIs.

Financials matter. You better make sure that as a CEO that you know your overall statistics (like ARR and converging ratios) and that your cap table is clean - meaning you don’t give away your shares to too many persons!

Investors also look at the team. Bart Luyten said, “I’m allergic to companies who do not treat their early investors right”.  Frank Maene extends the importance of a strong team even further: “When you invest in a company, you invest in the team so you need to be sure about everyone”.

Check out the pictures of this meetup here


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