Officially Launches


Together with its growing community of scale-ups, VCs and partners, is officially launched and is poised to become the top-of-mind time squeezer for scale-ups in Europe. Apart from bringing the community together for a toast to a successful 2018, announces its plans for the upcoming year at its Official Kick-Off event held with B-Hive on January 15.

Headquartered in Belgium, is a new platform that brings together scale-ups, investors and experts to become a European scale-up ecosystem that boosts growth for all. On top of being able to leverage big investments, the major advantage of a well-established ecosystem is having quick access to second-generation entrepreneurs who have proven experience in scaling and are able to shorten a growing company’s learning curve. Therefore, one cannot stress enough the importance of time reduction, as entrepreneurs and companies are more successful if they are capable to reduce or squeeze time.

Building a service structure that helps scale-ups in reducing time is without doubt a very important factor for a performant scale-up ecosystem. Hence, being a part of a multifunctional network that promotes continuous education and access to know-how and human capital are essential elements for this time reduction challenge. These needs only become bigger when companies are expanding and planning on entering new markets.
— Founder Jurgen Ingels

In its first year, will focus its efforts on SuperNova. Together with Flanders DC, we are organizing the biggest tech summit in Belgium on September 27-30 in Antwerp, where 55 selected European scale-ups will pitch their companies to international investors. These hidden gems will be selected by eight VC partners such as SmartFinCapital, Volta, Fortino, Runa Capital, idinvest, Prime Ventures, Columbia Lake Partners and Summit Partners. Apart from unlocking new funding opportunities for European scale-ups, SuperNova will be showcasing the best high-technology companies in its demo floor.

To support the growth needs of our scale-ups, we are also offering two programs. For Squeezer program, we are offering three modules of 2x2 days to help mature scale-ups reduce time, with topics including: People, Funding and Market Access. With ‘BEyond’, a program initiated by the Pulse Foundation, we offer an 18-month accelerator program to help scale-ups become world leaders in their field. Next to the programs, there will also be three meet-ups in 2018 with the following topics:

  • The Perfect Pitch for Series A and B Funding
  • Team Development, Putting the Right People in the Right Positions
  • How to Make Your Brand Internationally Attractive


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