A Glimpse of SuperNova 2018


SuperNova 2018 is a wrap. Months of preparation for us culminated into 35000 visitors, 27 keynotes, 20 sofa sessions, 47 scale-up pitches, 90 companies to discover at the Tech Fair and 200 demos to experience at the Expedition in 16 different locations.

The team from Scale-Ups.eu had a blast, we sure hope you enjoyed it as well!

Why SuperNova

Europe is home to more than 5,596 scale-ups in the tech sector. This is a 28% growth from the previous year and we are definitely moving a step further in the right direction. Yet, we must not be too complacent. We are still lagging behind compared to bigger players in the United States and Asia, and there is a strong momentum going that we cannot lose. The question is: What can we do to fast-track the growth of scale-ups even further?

There are two factors that are important in fast-tracking the growth of scale-ups: access to capital and access to an ecosystem. Both factors are directly correlated, as ecosystems with a higher concentration of scale-ups are able to leverage big investments. With this in mind, we set up Scale-Ups.eu to create a European platform to help scale-ups reduce time and fast-track their business plans. Scale-Ups.eu believes that by bringing tech companies, global investors and promising talent together, we can accelerate growth and squeeze time at the same time.

For this reason, we co-organized SuperNova with Flanders DC to bring visionary solutions, technologies and companies together.

SuperNova for Professionals

A total of 47 speakers graced the main stage and the sofa sessions of the SuperNova Conference to share their visions and insights about technology and the future.

Here are some key insights:

  • “The next innovations are going to be the size of red blood cels.” - Ray Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading investors, thinkers and futurists

  • “Circularity is the key to our future. ”- Angelo Vermeulen, space systems researcher, biologist and artist

  • “We have to stop changing the planet and start changing ourselves. The more we design ourselves, the less we have to change the planet” - Neil Harbisson, the world’s first officially recognized cyborg

Next to the Conference, the SuperNova Tech Fair was also home to 90+ companies for four days and 13 of our members happily shared their latest products, solutions and innovations to the 4,120 professionals in attendance:

  • Beeple

  • Bright Analytics

  • Collibra

  • Dropsolid

  • ML6

  • NGData

  • Playpass

  • Robovision

  • Sparkcentral

  • Spott

  • Teamleader

  • The Glue

  • Unified Post (with BilltoBox)

Our partners - KBC, EY, BNP Paribas Fortis & Cronos - also brought their expertise at the Tech Fair as industry leaders at the forefront of technology & innovation.

Concretely: There were a total of 1,000 one-on-one meetings scheduled in the first two days of SuperNova. Talk about time squeezing in action!

Bringing Scale-Ups and VCs Together

One of the key highlights of SuperNova is the two-day investor pitching program where we had 47 scale-ups pitching on stage. From flowers to robots, these pitching companies came from 13 different countries and were represented by 83 delegates.

Among the 47 pitching scale-ups are 11 of our members (Aproplan, Baunat, Guardsquare, Ontoforce, Piesync, Qover, Secure Code Warrior, Silverfin, Spott, The Glue and UnifiedPost) who rightfully earned their keep to grace the stage and deliver their 8-minute pitches. All pitching companies were exclusively invited along with our co-curating VCs - JVP, Columbia Lake Partners, Fortino Capital, Prime Ventures, Runa Capital, Smartfin Capital, Force Over Mass Capital, HPE Growth Capital, Idinvest Partners and Volta Ventures. 

Aside from the pitches, SuperNova also gave the 185 VCs in attendance the opportunity to schedule meetings with their scale-ups of interest and discuss future collaboration opportunities with them on the spot. A total of 336 meetings were scheduled via our networking tool.


Reverse Pitch


We also turned the tables and gave six investors the 2-minute opportunity to pitch about their companies:

  • Uri Adoni - Partner at Jerusalem Ventur Partners

  • Ekaterina Almasque - Managing Director at Samung Catalyst Fund

  • Lilian Li - Investor at Eight Roads

  • Anthony Keusters - Investment Manager at Sofina

  • Maxim Filippov - Investor at Draper Esprit

  • Nicolas Iordanov - Principal at Iris Capital

A big thanks to MeetDistrict for building a cozy space for the scale-ups and VCs to meet and talk business in style.

Relive #SuperNova18

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Pictures by Fille Roelants Photography and Simon Robbrecht

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to welcoming you again in the next edition!
Because tomorrow is unstoppable.