The State of European Tech 2018

Atomico and Orrick recently published The State of European Tech 2018 Report, which paints a comprehensive data-driven story of European technology today.

Based on the numbers alone, 2018 is definitely a good year. Over the past 15 years, tech (software) has grown to hit 194% of its relative value in 2002.  Investment in European tech also reached $23 billion, with European founders having created a total of 17 billion-dollar companies.

SEP Monitor: Scale-up report (June 2017)

Europe is home to approximately 4,200 fast growing, high-tech companies that we refer to as “scaleups”. This distinction serves to separate this group from startups, i.e. to draw a line between early stage initiatives and real companies that are producing revenue and employment. If the count is restricted to only countries who are current members of the European Union, the number of scaleups goes down to 3,950 and the capital raised to $56B.

Barclays: Scale-up UK - Growing Businesses, Growing our Economy (April 2016)

The report gives practical insights and suggestions of what is needed and drills further into the current financing landscape and what more can be done to enhance finance options in the UK for our scaling businesses. The needs on talent and skills are ever greater and we must continue to work with our schools, universities and local authorities to ensure students are attaining the right education for the jobs of tomorrow.